A Gift to the Giver

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while, a simple gift, a simple gesture, for someone who has given so much value to my creative journey. This isn’t a PR stunt or some attempt to be in an unboxing video, I just genuinely want to share a piece of my world with his and say thank you.

I first started watching DailyVee, Gary’s vlog series a good few years ago and went on to digest the podcasts; at that point, I wasn’t pursuing anything specific and I hadn’t begun creating the genre of content I do now. I just enjoyed the topic of media marketing and I felt inspired to work hard towards something, a characteristic I haven’t embodied all that much in the past. As I transitioned into my current passion, Gary’s content became a real blueprint in how I felt lead to operate.

I started by laying a foundation of authenticity, content that I swore to myself would never be shallow and would always bring the audience value. The fuel of a ‘hustler’, something Gary embodies and breathes so vigorously also got into my bones, and I started to put in real work, real time and real money of my own to reach opportunities. Humility and patience enabled me to approach low rate jobs with respect to get myself into spaces for experience and progression.

Depth > width

Anyone who follows Gary will know of his undying love for the New York Jets, to the extent that he is pursuing to buy the team one day. And if you’re like me, someone who makes sneaker-contact before eye-contact, you’ll also notice that his go-to pair is the Nike Air Force 1. So with those two things apparent, I made him a sneaker. I went with my gut and went with a simple design, a symmetrical two-colour blocking using the classic colours of the NYJ, then hit it with the gold accents for a special touch.

I created these for game day. Everyone gets hype for game day of their team – you throw on your jersey, your hat, and whatever other clothing you have to represent. If you know and understand that feeling of lacing up a pair of kicks, then I hope these are the final piece to making days at the Met Life stadium a little bit sweeter.

#NoPromo, I made these on NikeID after finding out his shoe size on twitter and a helpful member of the Vayner team sent me over the details for postage to their HQ in New York. I did the standard backtab text customization with ‘Go NYJ’ and dropped into Nike Town London to get the gold lace dubraes to match. Keeping it simple was important but they needed something else… peep inside; there’s an insole with a custom Gary Vee x Jets logo. I posted them off earlier last week, and now that they’re at Vaynermedia HQ it felt the right time to publish this piece.

Partly in hopes that it will ignite a conversation with him around sneaker content creation and the narrow but deep content creators. But really, my biggest hope is that he’ll just love wearing these to the next game.

Thank you Gary.