Hannah Rodway



Not to state the obvious but I love sneakers and have always loved to lace up a pair since a young age. Football influences from my Dad had me playing and making sportswear my go-to style. My teenage years had me listening to hip-hop, then a vacation to New York really sealed the culture in me. But early 2014 is when I really got into sneakers. Marry this with my interest in photography and video work, and out came making content for a culture I fell in love with.

My angle? Adding authenticity to sneakers by tapping the voice of the culture + delivering value through a women’s voice. I dedicated the start of my journey to producing content that really got to know the community, which is transparent in my last 12 months of work. I continue to document through all media platforms, voice, words, images, video. I’m moving towards 2019 with more product based content, displaying my understanding of product + audience communication.

From producing content on my own platform,, I’ve begun working for others such as Nice Kicks and more. Let’s work.

The girl adding authenticity to sneakers.


And for those wondering…

Mrs/ Marital status
Teriyaki/ The one thing I could eat forever