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  • A Gift to the Giver

    I sent Gary Vee some sneakers.

  • A Womens Journey Into Sneakers

    There are so many different angles and outer influences that have brought each one of us into this world of sneakers. As the culture evolves and grows to reach an even wider audience, the female population is one that I can’t help but notice appear more and more, both online and at events/releases. I want to explore why…

  • StockX London Launch

    ‘The stock market of things’ just launched their first distribution centre outside of the U.S in central London. I’m taking you inside the launch and discussing what this means for European consumers and our resell market.

  • Playing Patience

    I want to touch on a subject I’ve previously discussed, from a post I made nearly a year ago but I wanted to expand further and show you a few more of my come ups through ‘playing patience’ this year. I’m gonna break it down completely so you have all the tools to start sourcing your own sneakers under retail or at a price significantly under market value.

  • Visionarism x Asics X Footlocker

    I was recently invited to the launch of three new sneakers from Asics, hosted at Footlocker. But this isn’t just any release, this is a sneaker made in collaboration with friends and fellow creatives Visionarism. I explore the idea of brands evolving attitude to working with talented creators, regardless of fame.

  • How I Create

    This piece about content creation accompanies this weeks podcast. I’ll be diving into the topic of content creation, and how my creative flow looks, my creative space and what pieces of equipment I like to use.

  • We All Speak Creativity

    The bright colours of the Jordan 4 Retro Cactus Jack inspire this latest piece and ever evolving journey of creativity. I’ve created three minutes of visuals that express the relationship between creativity and sneakers, and how the two have brought some form of liberation and purpose to what I now do.

  • Guess Farmers Market World Tour: London

    This weekend I headed to the world tour of the Guess Farmers Market. I touch on how Guess have perfectly leveraged influencer marketing with the face of the campaign, Sean Wotherspoon.

  • A Guide for Young Creatives Looking to Get into Sneaker Content Creation

    I consider myself quite new to the game, having only been producing sneaker content for just over a year. It’s been a real journey and I’ve met some great people — meet Thierry Tek of Visionarism. we thought it’d be beneficial to others with questions and ambitions to converse about the topic and share our experiences.

  • The Off-White x Converse Chuck 70, A Perfect Summer Shoe

    Let’s take a closer look at “The Ten” latecomer. To me, the One Star brand has always built shoes we can enjoy by wearing them into the ground, and I’m not approaching this one any different.