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  • How Does the Satin SBB Compare to Her Older Brother?

    How does the Satin Shattered Backboard compare to her older brother, the original SBB? They are both still their own shoes in their own rights. Each pair created and executed to a high standard, one a little chicer than the other. She pays her respects while holding her own.

  • What Does Air Max Day Mean to UK Sneakerheads?

    I headed down to the capital city to speak with those swinging by the Crepe City Air Max pop-up store in Shoreditch, we talked everything Air Max and got a perspective on the traction the annual celebration of Air Max Day has gained.

  • Could You Trust Your Grails with Jason Markk?

    The Jason Markk cleaning crew are loyal to the scene and you can count on their presence at the large events throughout the year by making kicks from all walks of life look spick n’ span. The demand for them to have a permanent space in the U.K. has been a long time coming, so it’s great to see them finally open their doors and give the community a service I genuinely think we need.

  • Checking-In to the Converse One Star Hotel

    I got to take an inside look at the One Star Hotel one day prior to public access. Things kicked off down in the Laundry Room with a panel discussion including Leo Mandela, A$AP Nast, Mimi Wade, Acyde and Grace Ladoja. What ensued was an insightful conversation about the journey of London’s infamous street culture and its relationship with music, fashion and design. To hear first-hand stories from the streets really brought context and substance to the bones of the entire event and the shoe that is the One Star.

  • My ‘AF-100 Master Workshop’ Custom

    Complex Con, Solebox Dubai… just a couple of locations that hosted the Nike #AF100 Master Workshop. A space where people are given free roam to customize a fresh pair of the ultimately classic triple white Air Force 1. The workshop provides guests with numerous options for customization. Patches, straps, stamps, vinyl, stickers, markers, scissors, paint, pins and…