Guess Farmers Market World Tour: London

I want to go on a slightly different train of thought with this piece. Today I wanted to touch on the popular subject of influencer marketing and how it is being used within the sneaker and streetwear culture. How I perceive it, how it affects me and some of the aspects that came to mind after this event.

This weekend I headed into Central London to attend the world tour of the Guess Farmers Market, and to link up with my friend and fellow story-teller Ray Polanco Jr.

The Guess Farmers Market London pop-up took place to the rear of Selfridges on Oxford Street and marked the second stop on their world tour. Set in an open space playing that good-vibe music, an abundance of colours from the exclusive apparel and complimentary fruits and cold pressed juices plus a heavy dose of sunshine. They picked the perfect weekend.

Sean Wotherspoon, the man most well-known for his hybrid creation which won him the 2017 Nike Vote Forward campaign is the face of this Guess Farmers Market campaign. And not only that, the visionary behind it; his inspirations drawn from his love of vintage clothing, California’s agricultural history and his love of all things vegan. Larger-than-life colours are used throughout the entire branding of the campaign – from the set to the merchandise.

I really enjoyed the pop-up itself, especially the laid-back vibe. A lot of brand events can be quite hectic and fast-paced, but I felt the tone for this one was very much set by Sean and the team who project such an easy-going and down to earth atmosphere which makes for a much more enjoyable experience for consumers and fans a-like.

Since discovering Round Two, I have been completely hooked and quickly became a fan of how they are shaping the culture. Sean in particular with his love of vintage and all things Nike Air has taken 2018 by storm with what many are calling ‘Sneaker of the Year’, his corduroy Air Max 1/97. Sean exudes a child-like excitement for his hobby turned career, and it is no different in person. Completely refreshing.

Using influencers to direct and characterize brand campaigns is a regular sight in modern-day fashion and sneakers, and it can sometimes irritate me a little, being someone who would love to be in that position one day. When brands work with personalities that lack that zeal, knowledge and passion, I lose connection immediately and see through the pretty face or sweet-stack of followers. The culture is thriving with so much talent, it really isn’t necessary anymore.

With that said, seeing the Guess Farmers Market pop-up in person, meeting Sean and the team, it all felt kinda normal. We chatted about women in sneakers, the culture and just chopped it up. I really rate Guess for bringing Sean on board to communicate his vision through products and a brand he is so passionate about…

Aparell from the pop-up is available at Selfridges online here.

Hope you guys enjoyed this piece. Catch you next time.