How I Create

About two weeks ago I had a random thought as I was sat at my desk and decided to take a quick poll on Instagram.

‘Who would like to see my set-up and how I produce work?’┬á94% yes / 6% no

There were no measurements I could put in place to gauge what kind of people, whether current creatives or not, voted. And although interesting, that doesn’t really matter… I feel like people are pretty honest with online polls.

So this article accompanies this week’s podcast, I’m on episode three now and continue to drop them every Sunday at 7 pm (BST). I’m going to dive into the topic of content creation, and how my creative flow looks, my creative space and what pieces of equipment I like to use.

So firstly, it’s important to have a space that you feel free to create in, and that motivates you without unnecessary┬ádistraction. Sitting on the sofa with my laptop really didn’t work for me when I first started producing sneaker content, I needed a dedicated area to focus. So I gradually dedicated the spare room for this purpose and added the essentials like a desk, shooting wall and whiteboard.

The main chunk of creating is often the internal or mental process, which the best of us can sometimes struggle with. Similar to a writer gettings writer’s block, a creator can sometimes become stale or uninspired. You might get to a point where you feel like you really just don’t know what to work on next, a feeling I get most months.

I wanted to share my creative flow and how I maintain some form of constant inspiration and ideas. The disclaimer here is that everyone does this differently, and for me, my mind just wants to run a certain way. And I let it, because it works. Now, if you’re passionate about something, like sneakers, I’d expect that you keep yourself submerged in its culture on the regular. Reading, watching, discussing all things related. This is what contributes the most to my internal process for creating. I’m always thinking over different aspects of the culture which in turn produces ideas in my mind. I attend events and consume sneaker content constantly, so it’s just a natural result.

I also like to write things down a lot, I use a whiteboard to note ideas down and I pass by it every day so it keeps my thoughts ticking over.

The last step is then publishing your content, how and where, and making sure you don’t miss anything out. Again, why I like to keep everything written down.

I read a great piece on LinkedIn about publishing your work:

#Content is key, but distribution is even more so.

without a proper distribution stratergy, even a masterpiece is not likely to take off. so many talents don’t get eyeballs because the web is too crowded; properly marketed nonsense drowns out quality content.

what will happen when you finish your draft?
will you pay Facebook to put it infront of people? if so, in front of who? and why? do you have an email list or a social following?

cool… will the content suit the audience demographic or interests?
do you have relationship with the media/blogs that would be specifically interested in this topic? No? How will you approach them? do you know their guidlines?

if you think it will catch on when you’ve considered everything, go ahead and put together the draft.

consider changing the topic or perparing a better plan for distribution.

Once I started my podcast, I’d pretty much covered all bases in terms of platforms where I publish my work. I was reluctant for a while, but I now have a Facebook page too that is dedicated to sneaker content. And with Facebook acquiring so much of the digital space, it is very easy to duplicate your work across all these different platforms.

So those are the three main areas I wanted to cover in terms of how I create, but if there are any other aspects you would like me to expand on, please leave a comment below or on any of the accompanying content via Youtube, Instagram, Facebook etc.

Below is the Youtube video for this piece, and here is the podcast.