Playing Patience

I want to touch on a subject I’ve previously discussed, from a post I made nearly a year ago on v1 of It’s exactly the same concept but I wanted to expand further and show you guys a few more of my come ups through ‘playing patience’ this year.

I’m gonna break it down completely so you have all the tools to start sourcing your own sneakers under retail or at a price significantly under market value.

my latest pick up

Yesterday the mailman arrived with my latest pick up, the 2018 Air Force 1 Low CLOT 1WORLD. This is a pair I’ve been hunting since the release day in London on February 28th, I spent the majority of that day going from store to store looking for them after losing out online. I bumped into a friend that had a pair so I got to see them in hand, but overall it was an unsuccessful day. A friend even headed to the Clot pop-up to try secure me a pair, but the whole set-up was a shambles.

This is where playing patience comes into it. I’d been closely watching market value, and after their initial price peak around release, it seemed to then sit at around £280 on various marketplaces like Facebook groups and Depop. Despite current StockX prices, I’d say you could still pick up a pair for around that price now.

eBay is king when it comes to finding come ups, in both sneakers and apparel – it is the worlds biggest jumble sale. This Tuesday I landed my winning bid of £53 for this deadstock pair, that’s £117 below retail. With only three bids on the item in total and three bidders including myself, this was a very easy scoop.

Patience is the key word here, you’re not just going to magically start finding every sneaker your yearning for; it might only be a few pairs in a year, and they might not be dead stock, they might not come with the original box, heck they might not even be your exact size. It takes time and discipline, just like thrifting from store to store, week to week.

Let’s get into a couple more specificities and how I like to use eBay to find the best results. I like to start off by searching a term as generic as possible, eg. Jordan 3, Air Max, Nike Air Force; we’re trying to find the sellers who aren’t really aware of what they have so they are more likely to title the product less accurately or specifically. Then head over to your Filter and Sort By: items ending soonest, Buying Format: auction, and Item Location: worldwide. You can try without this filter too as a lot of auctions consider Best Offers, but I’ve found that in the auctions is where it goes down. Don’t be afraid to set the Item Location to worldwide too, there are so many items you could be missing out on without this, you’ll be surprised what is close by in Europe. Finally, sorting your items by ending time just makes sense to me.

Here is just a quick example of something I came across within a few minutes, the Jordan 3 Black History Month. Right now it’s at a respectable price, definitely one to watch, but 7 bids in with 7 hours to go suggest a surge in price closer to final 10 minutes. None the less, I’m confident it will end much lower than market value (approx £300). I’m not claiming that these methods are unique because they’re not. It’s all quite simple and probably something a lot of you do already – the key is to be more diligent at it than the next person.

What else you should know

Some other things to consider are fake items and how to bid successfully against opposing bidders. When you’re talking about winning items in the £50 – £100 range, you’d be right to question their authenticity, and it’s the right thing to do with every item. There are a lot of sneakers on eBay that are not authentic, whether the seller knows it or not. It’s normal for an item description to be quite vague, people don’t always list details regarding proof or place of purchase. This pair of the Clot Air Force 1 was listed deadstock without its original box, so the first thing I did was ask the seller (via Ask A Question) where it was purchased. The seller was actually gifted the pair in New York as they are a regular photographer for Nike, which would explain the lack of box transporting them home to the UK. I then went on to share a little about myself and connected with the seller on Instagram, one: to see if we could discuss a better deal outside of eBay (be careful doing this, avoid keywords), and two: to confirm their story about the items origin. Everything checked out. This isn’t always possible, but I encourage you to make that connection with the seller and get a clear answer on the authenticity. If that fails, I use Fake Edu to decipher whether it’s a fake or paste the images into a Facebook group for other opinions. There is a pair of Jordan 4 Retro Doernbecher on there right now which look off, thanks to Fake Edus help.

On the subject of bidding – another straightforward thing I know, but I feel like people do this all the time… please just wait until the end to bid! I really do not understand why people put in a bid when there are days to go, you’re just raising up the price for no reason. Add the item to your Watch List and then set a reminder or alarm on your phone for 5-10 minutes before it ends. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, place your final bid with around 10 seconds to go. And put in something a fair bit above the current bid in case someone else has the same idea. These were sat at £52 with 55 seconds to go so I put in a bid of £60 in the final 10 seconds and they were mine.

The second pair I sourced on eBay back in June was the Air Force 1 Low Roc-a-fella (AF100). This pair came very lightly used with the original box, for a neat £50. That’s two pairs way under the retail price of the cheapest one. Now, I do notice a pattern in the types of items you are more likely to come up on, take the Roc-a-fellas for example. Here in the UK, it was probably the least favourite of the AF100 collection to drop, it’s history and significance doesn’t really resonate with the current culture which leaves fans like me wide open. Note the wait between release and scoop, you’ve got to let peoples initial emotions cool down. They’ll always move onto the next ‘thing’.

That’s everything on playing patience. You can transfer this onto similar marketplaces like Depop too, I just find eBay to be the most worthwhile for this calibre of steals.

Holla at me about the subject, any questions or come ups you’d like to share. Discussion is my thing.