Visionarism x Asics X Footlocker

I think we all share the dream that someday we will get the opportunity to create our own sneaker.

For the past 11 months, I have been commuting down to London on a pretty regular basis to cover events and create content. It’s been quite resilient and has pushed me to produce work that really says something. I’ve met some really great people and built a network of friends that unknowingly teach me a lot. Something I am super appreciative of.

In the past few weeks, I’ve started to notice a real return on the invested time and money from the past year or so. Those connections continued to grow in strength, and in return provide more opportunities to do what I love and achieve my goal.

I was recently invited to the launch of three new sneakers from Asics, hosted at Footlocker on Oxford Street in London. But this isn’t just any release, this is a sneaker made in collaboration with fellow creatives Visionarism. Born in 2016 by Ste Wing and Thierry Tek, they have successfully built a creative agency from the ground up who now works with everyone from Puma to Adidas. Let’s dive into why this is such an exciting time.

This is the first time I’ve experienced a big brand collaboration between creatives within the same field as me. For a company with the stature of Asics and Footlocker to produce product with those outside of the usual pool of mainstream influencers or personalities, it’s incredible and such an exciting opportunity for the culture.

It exposes brands willingness to work with the truly talented within the creative sector, and Asics really conveyed that during the launch through what they shared on the panel, and in the product. It’s not just the calibre of the collaboration, but the detail of it; which I’m certain comes from working with the boys of Visionarism. The execution of the launch and the product, plus the visuals were totally on point. There is such a depth to the project, I’m really happy for all the parties involved.

To be able to design our own pair of shoes has always been one of our childhood dreams. Since Visionarism was born in 2016, we’ve been waiting for this opportunity, and it has been a real honour to work with Asicstiger and Foot Locker Europe to bring our vision to life on the design of three exclusive footwear silhouettes.

The three platforms collided to release three exclusive silhouettes, the Hyper Gel-Lyte and the Hyper Gel-Kan. The first model comes in two colourways, white and black, each with an extra dose of gel into the midsole. A heritage staple from Asics with the added update on the technology to enhance comfort. Second is the Hyper Gel-Kan, a newer addition to the series, with a more athletic appeal. Ideal for all parts of life, whether gym, home or city.

All told through the story of Visionarisms influence of Japan and a constant on-the-go lifestyle.

A big congratulations to Ste and Thierry again, this is super impressive and super motivating; it cements the point that hard work will get you far. I loved what Ste shared on the panel about how he’s excited to be the one sat in the audience one day listening to our stories and creations. And this is exactly what this release has done, it’s expanded the minds of people to push for their dreams.

Thank you for inviting me to such an intimate event and precious point in your journeys.

This is only the beginning…