We All Speak Creativity

I was always one of those kids whose favorite subjects at school were like art, media, and PE; the ones that were a stretch outside of normal academics. Basically less rules and more freedom. And then throughout my teenage years, I lightly dabbled in graffiti, first online just spraying digital canvases then onto my dad’s wheelie bin, and finally onto some recreational buildings. It wasn’t much, the odd tag or stencil.. but the freedom and change in canvas broadened my boundaries.

Since I started making content on sneakers, I feel like those creative confines have expanded even further. There’s nobody to set parameters anymore but me. And creativity, the language that it is, is spoken by everyone. It sounds different but we all speak it. And I love that I am getting to use it more and more.

Through my latest series of lookbooks, ideas have really begun to flow.

creativity is its own language, and we can all speak it. we express it in differeant ways and different mediums. sneakers have allowed me to do this more than ever.

The bright colours of the Jordan 4 Retro Cactus Jack inspired my latest piece and return to graffiti. I’ve created three minutes of visuals that express the relationship between creativity and sneakers, and how the two have brought some form of liberation and purpose to what I now do.

So, that’s me... what about you?

I know I can’t be the only one that has walked this path. Social media has so many talented and refreshing creators that ooze inspiration. I would love to hear your story – one way or another; leave a comment, tweet me, drop a dm or an email. Thank you.


And a shout out to my shooter Martin (@ocuk), thank you homes.